WillametteVape™ Sales Reps

Sales Representatives

As a sales representative for WillametteVape™, you’re given an extraordinary opportunity to distribute superior vaporizer products.
Licensed Sales Reps As a licensed distributor of WillametteVape™ products, you will work closely with us promoting the brand while ensuring and maintaining the high level of product quality & potency found in WillametteVape™ products. The relationships we develop with our distributors are taken very seriously, we are committed to providing in-depth training in each of these areas:
  • Effective management techniques
  • Media training
  • Public relations
A strong commitment to maintaining WillametteVape™ brand and product standards is essential for each rep. Consideration for distributor licensing will not be given without thorough vetting.Each representative is responsible for adhering to any and all laws, compliances and regulations imposed by the governing state of distribution.
If you are considering becoming a licensed rep of WillametteVape™ and believe you meet the above criteria, please email info@WillametteVape.com using “Sales Rep” in the subject line. Please send request email ONCE, and only if you meet each requirement.

Retail Distributors

WillametteVape™ retail distributors will have access to a spectrum of unsurpassed products, appealing to consumers with varied preferences.